Finance For Doctors

Expert advice and support from GPs from a dedicated team specialising in medical finance

Financial management should never the principal concern of a General Practitioner. Primary health care and administration of a practice that serves its local community naturally stand above anything else.

However, with so many changes taking place in the way that care is provided and with an ever-growing emphasis on running practices as business, the need for sound financial management has never been more important.

Recognising this trend at Dean Statham, we have drawn together a team of medical accounting specialists who fully understand your concerns and problems as doctors and practice managers. We have developed significant expertise in dealing with the accounting and taxation issues that affect you most and have designed a raft of services to help you improve your financial performance.

We provide expert advice to ensure that your income from all sources I optimised and that cost efficiencies are implemented. We ensure that your taxation liabilities are minimised so that your earning are protected and we help you make the most of your saving through skilful investment planning.

As experienced accountancy practitioners we naturally also deal with everyday accounting administration, where we are able to combine specialist knowledge of the health sector with technological expertise. At the year end, you may choose to simply deliver your data on a disk or email and we process your accounting and tax records with our specially developed financial software,

  • Tax planning and advice
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment advice
  • Property issues
  • Tailored accountancy software