Meeting statutory obligations and helping to plan for the future

Audits are viewed by many as necessary evil – a statutory obligation that must be met.

At Dean Statham we view them very differently.

Apart from satisfying company law, a well-conducted audit should offer you fresh insights into your business, helping to identify areas of weakness and strength. By providing valuable information about your company and enabling you to make year-on-year comparisons of the trends that are influencing your company’s fortunes; they can help you make informed decisions about its future.

Your annual financial statements should stand up to scrutiny from your customers, bankers, suppliers, potential investors, shareholders and other professionals. They are the key source of information to support most major business decisions and are absolutely essential for fundraising purposes or when making valuations for an acquisition, merger or sale.

By acting as a reliable early warning signal, they also enable you to take remedial action if things aren’t going quite according to plan.

At Dean Statham we strongly believe that audited accounts should be accurate, thorough, relevant and meaningful. To us it is imperative that they present useful information and that they are supported with constructive feedback and recommendations about your company and its operations.

We are aware that audits are often associated with upheaval. By being flexible, we guarantee to minimise any disruption to your company’s day-to-day activities. Also, because we use the latest technology, we ensure speed, accuracy and the provision of timely, cost-effective reports.

As you would expect, our audit service also includes the preparation and submission of corporation tax computations to the Inland Revenue.

One final word of assurance. Company Law and best Accounting Practice are constantly changing, so we take special care to ensure our audit team is fully aware of the latest developments. We have detailed quality control procedures in place to ensure that Financial Statements are correct in all technical aspects.

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